The minute the needle laid rest on the vinyl record, it was destined that the sounds now known as Chicago House Music would change this DJ for the rest of his life.  In 1978 at the early age of sixteen Carlos began spinning records at local house parties events and cofounder Disc Jockey Service Company called Ultimate Sound Productions.

By 1980 Carlos was known and widely recognized for his influential skills on the turntables after participating in one of Chicago’s largest DJ Competitions.  Thereafter Carlos began performing at some of Chicago’s major festivals and elite nightclubs. 

In the mid 1980’s the Chicago House Music began to develop its unique sound, and Carlos became a HOUSEHOLD name and was recruited as a “Mastermixer” known as “Cookin' Carlos Vaderrama for Chicago’s WGCI 107.5 FM and a frequent DJ guest on WBMX 102.7 FM urban radio stations.  To date these mixes can still be found at various DJ online sites.  

In 1990 he earned a BA degree from Columbia College with a major concentration in Entertainment Management and Certified Sound Engineer and co-founded “Musitrax” DJ Service, recognized by DJ Times Magazine as “Chicago’s Top Mobile DJ Company”.

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JMJ (Jam Master J) began his DJ career in Chicago’s south suburbs in 1980. His style then is much as it is today, taking a “no rules, no limits” approach to music, blending multiple genres seamlessly. He quickly became one of the best technical DJ’s in the Chicago area, with a sharp ear for programming and advanced turntable skills, often “editing” tracks on the fly by looping, beat juggling, doubling, tripling, etc. JMJ won the South Suburban Battle Of The DJ’s at Thornton Community College back in 1982 and was a featured mixer on WIDB, the student-run radio station at Southern Illinois University. JMJ also was one of the first Chicago DJ’s to incorporate live performance into his sets, often working live keys, samplers and drum machines into the mix.

As his reputation and following grew, he began throwing his own events in addition to playing many of the local high school and college events, eventually doubling as DJ and promoter, with his Dynamite Dance Promotions brand, rocking events in hotel ballrooms and halls until the events became larger than the venues, eventually moving into roller rinks like Starflyer (with Rockin Reggie), Olympic Skate World, and Glenwood, where JMJ would make his mark, hosting dance parties on Tuesdays and eventually Saturday nights, occasionally drawing as many as 1400 guests and bringing not only some of Chicago’s best DJ’s to play, but also giving younger DJ’s some much needed exposure, including Maurice Joshua, Hot Hands Hula, Rob McKay and Burleigh Lester to name a few.

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Matt has been a valuable part of the international Dance music community for over three decades. His many accomplishments have earned him a loyal following amongst DJ`s and club-goers looking for the next beat.

Matt began his career as a DJ in 1979. By 1983 he was not only spinning records in some of Chicago's hottest clubs, but was also serving as a Billboard reporter and radio mix show  at Chicago's W.G.C.I.

In 1985 Matt started his own label, Sunset Records. The first release titled "The Razz EP", was a collaboration with Ralphi Rosario. This initial track sold very well. The label Released a total of 15 more singles, many of which were Licensed to labels around the World. In 1987 Matt established a second label known as AKA Dance Music. Their first release was "Bang the Box". The record was a huge success, selling over 50,000 copies. It was also heavily licensed overseas, all without the benet of independent promotion or a giant distribution machine. In many circles, this record is regarded as one of the first Hard House tracks ever made.

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Considered to be one of the architects of Chicago house music, Mario Reyes began his journey as a DJ in late 1977 when he partnered with a grammar school classmate to form J+M Mobile Disco at just the age of 14. Reyes’ first residency was in 1978 when he was a dj at Tequila Mockingbird Teen Disco. In 1979-1980, he became the resident DJ at one of Chicago’s hottest clubs, Jenal's Disco. Once Jenals closed its doors in 1981, Reyes began to spin at many different venues through the Chicagoland area.

Disco might have died but dance music in Chicago was still going strong. Spinning at major events such as the Aragon Ballroom and Divinci Manor with crowds reaching over 4,000. In 1981, he became part of the Hot Mix Dance Party mix show on 102.7 FM WBMX Chicago as well as having his own two hour dance music radio and mix show on 88.7 FM WCYC a 10 watt radio station which was a Chicago House & Dance music juggernaut on Chicago's south side. In 1983, Mario Reyes became the resident DJ of Bobbie and Clydes and then later Prime and Tender.

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Tony's love for music began at an early age while watching his father play music at family parties.  He started collecting records in 1979 and shortly thereafter, he began to play at events for family and friends using just two stereo consoles side by side. While mixing was not so prevalent, he learned the appreciation for music selection and reading the dance floor during this period.

In 1982, Tony obtained his first real DJ equipment and began to master the art of the blend. His popularity as a DJ grew among his circle of friends and school mates. During this time, Tony began to play private and school sponsored events. In 1989, Tony became the resident DJ at Coconuts Night Club.  Coconuts Night Club was a legendary night club in House Music History who’s former resident DJs included Frankie Knuckles, Armando, Lil Louis, and Jungle Jorge. Tony went on to become the resident DJ at Casanova’s, Erik’s North, China Club, and Shadow’s Night Club throughout the 90’s. In the late 90’s, Tony launched his own house music based web site called “GottaHaveHouse.Com”.  This website was instrumental in exposing many talented DJs from around the world to a global audience and became an outlet for introducing modern soul music to the masses as well. Tony, along with his brother Frank, and friends from around the globe posted weekly mixes to the website to the delight of an audience around the world. 

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In 1979 Jorge had become familiar with the 'hot mixing' concept through WDAI Radio and began researching the DJ industry. By the early 80's, he had acquired the proper equipment and was booked for college functions. Through an acquaintance and ex-high school classmate, they formed a DJ duo and shopped at well known retail stores while becoming knowledgeable with the current trends as Chicago's popular Hot Mix team took to the airwaves. By the mid-80s, he had taken residency at various key nightclubs in Chicago, participated in DJ battles, was featured on radio mix shows, became record store buyer, reviewed music for a large dance music publications, and produced/remixed in the recording studio. In the 90's,  Jorge became Billboard Magazine music reporter which allowed him to develop national contacts and relationships. He continued his DJ employment well into the late 2000's.

Today, Jorge has been recognized and was asked to be part of a team in which members have contributed to the making of the 'history of the sound that Chicago built'. This team consisting of musical knowledge and appreciation of all formats, styles and genres of music. This team with a background history dating to the disco era. Multi-talented individuals who aided in the creation of our dance scene and were early pioneers in our house music scene. Each Chicago DJ has a story to tell and a wealth of experience to share. Learn more about them through their music.

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